Superman Will Arise

Kathi Pelton

Recently the Lord took me into a vision where I saw men and women who had the appearance of Clark Kent. They were in business attire, wearing glasses, performing menial jobs, and they were virtually unnoticed by those around them. Beneath their outward appearances they had been prepared for an unveiling. Then in a sudden moment of alert or awakening they arose from their desks and ran to the nearest phone booth, discarding their glasses along the way, and transformed into Superman.

I asked the Holy Spirit why I was seeing this scene and He showed me that many of His people have been living with a “hidden identity” that kept them from influence, authority, and power; but very soon His Spirit would come upon them and it would be time for them to transform into the heroes of faith that they are called to be. They have been prepared for the day of His power.

These unknown and even unnoticed ones have been prepared for the time when the Lord will suddenly transform them into history changers and chain breakers: supernatural men and women. They will move in power because of the power of the blood of Jesus and because they bear His name upon their chests—they wear the breastplate of righteousness.

The time is coming, and quickly coming, for these hidden heroes to emerge with strength and power bestowed by their heavenly Father. Their training has been in the secret place, unnoticed and unrecognized by those around them. They will carry His name and rescue many captives. They will be given authority that causes time to align with the Lord’s timing of events and seasons. They will soar above the chaos and with great love receive strategies and wisdom regarding what issues and difficulties to touch and how to touch them. They will be counted among great heroes of faith like we read of in Hebrews 11. Obedience to His voice, His instructions and His timing has aligned them with God’s timing.

Get ready to see Superman arise!


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6 responses to “Superman Will Arise”

  1. What an incredibly profound word! God has been speaking through other prophets about this as well. Chris Berglund would love to read this!

    Below is an excerpt from Lou Engle’s prophetic publication called The Briefing (September 29, 2017):

    “We saw a hint of this in a dream that Chris Berglund had recently in which he knew it was the year of Wonder Woman. Chris was shown a corresponding Supergirl that would be transfigured as Clark Kent had been in Superman. In the dream, he saw red phone booths scattered throughout the land and knew that many women were about to answer the call to be transformed into all that Christ had intended to be through them.”


    1. What???!!!!! Chris has recently been connecting with our church (Father’s House Portland). I had never heard this dream!!! I’d love to get it to him. Thanks for letting me know!


      1. No way!!!  I’m in Portland as well, I used to go to Doug Sheddy’s church who I believe is good friends with Steve… (Insert It’s a small world jingle here…) When is Chris coming to Portland? I sent you an email BTW…


      2. We are the young adults pastors at Father’s House. We moved here in May 2017. I don’t know when Chris will next be here but he’s been here twice this year.


      3. I’m so honored to meet a true servant of the Lord Jesus Kathi! Wow!

        BTW something came to mind just now that you may want to share with the young ones at your church… Sunday night I was very powerfully touched by the presence of the Lord while sitting at my desk at home… I was searching for online videos from the Compassion to Action Portland meetings and I stumbled upon a YouTube live stream that had just begun. (Jesus Nights Livestream in Orlando FL  Sunday Nights @ 3PM PST)

        As I watched the presence of God fell on me and I was floored literally. It was amazing! My first thought was that someone needs to setup a local venue where we can watch this live stream on Sundays, it was that good. I do not know if they are planning to do this every week or not because Michael Koulianos travels frequently, I think he may be teaching at Bethel school of the supernatural now. Below are a few search terms that will bring up more info on this:

        Jesus Image – YouTube Channel

        Jesus Night | 9-23-18 – YouTube

        Michael Koulianos (@michaelkoulianos)’s Instagram Profile

        Jesus School (@jesusschoolorlando)’s Instagram Profile

        Michael Koulianos – Jesus Image


      4. Thank you! I will check it out 🙂


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