You Can’t Earn What He’s About to Pour Out

Kathi Pelton

There is a hunger for His presence that has come upon many that is overtaking every other longing. It’s as though we have been given a great gift of “hunger”; hunger to see His face and answer His longing to have us come.

Often these times of hunger and the answer that comes as the “feast of His presence” comes when we lease expect it. It often comes when we feel weak and empty. It is then that He comes in His great mercy and pours out that which we could never earn or make happen.

In 2000 I was coming out of a three year wilderness time. I was empty and felt depleted…but I was hungry. Some friends convinced me to go to a large “tent meeting” in Grants Pass, Oregon. I honestly didn’t want to go. After a long full day’s drive from California to Oregon we arrived right before the first session began that night. We walked into this packed massive outdoor tent and went to one of the back rows. I was tired and distracted by all the activity around me.People were talking and the atmosphere was noisy. Then the worship leader, Lewis Crownover, strummed the first note on his guitar to begin the worship set.

When that first note hit my ears it was as if I was suddenly and unexpectedly hit with a wave and I found myself thrown onto the ground. The most powerful experience of the manifest presence and love of God began coursing through my body, soul and spirit. I began to shake and weep uncontrollably. My body convulsed with the overwhelming love of God towards me. What happened that moment did not stop for the next thirty days. I was taken into a full month of encountering His glory day and night. It changed my entire life. Yet, I did nothing to earn this. I merely showed up!

I can feel the swell of the manifest presence of God coming to change lives, heal hearts and bring His bride back to first love. I don’t know how to describe what I am feeling but I am familiar with the “Swell of His love” and I know that the overflow is about to be poured out!

All you have to do is show up! Grace and mercy is in His very nature, therefore we cannot earn this. It is a gift from His heart to ours. I’ve always loved that what happened to me in 2000 was in a city called Grants Pass because I was granted a pass into His manifest presence just by showing up. I wasn’t even worshipping, He just poured out a flood of His love upon me because of His goodness.

I know that this is about to happen again…and already is in places. Un-expecting sons and daughters are about to have the wave of His love knock them off their feet and change their lives by His glory. Jesus is about to walk into worship services, living rooms, and places where people gather and He will pour out a flood of His love and glory.

We say, “Here we are Lord! We love you and long for you!”

“As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God.” Psalm 42:1

SHOW UP! He will do the rest.


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2 responses to “You Can’t Earn What He’s About to Pour Out”

  1. Thank you so much! I really am so blessed by that!


    1. I’m so glad that it encouraged you!!


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