There Will Be New Ease In Direction and Transition

Kathi Pelton

Recently the power steering went out on one of our vehicles making it very hard to turn (steer) in any direction. The Lord spoke to me and said that this is a picture of what many people have been experiencing in the spirit realm. The enemy has sent assignments, that create resistance, against those who are in the process of making directional changes according to the Spirit’s leading. This resistance feels a bit like driving a car without power steering.

This morning our son went out to fix our car’s power steering and as he did the Lord spoke to me and said,

“Watch now as I break the demonic resistance that has stood against My people as they follow Me in new directions. Suddenly they will be able to turn into the new direction with ease. Suddenly the transition time that has been infiltrated with obstacles and potholes will now become clear and smooth.”

The Lord will now take what the enemy meant for evil and He will turn it for your good and your great benefit. Not only will you come out stronger but you will receive double restoration for all of the resistance that you have faced. You will suddenly come into a divine upgrade that will move you into a new ease that brings you great joy.

Rejoice! His victory is sure and the path is being cleared for you to move forward with new ease. Your spiritual “power steering” is now restored!


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2 responses to “There Will Be New Ease In Direction and Transition”

  1. Excellent, confirming word!


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