The Fire That You Carry Will Change the Atmosphere

Kathi Pelton

For those of us who live along the West Coast of the United States, it has been a summer of smoke-filled air. There have been wild fires burning up and down the coast from California to Washington and the smoke is permeating the atmosphere even hundreds of miles away.

This morning I woke up to see brownish smoke resting like a blanket over our city. It is so thick it resembles fog and yet the fires causing this smoke are many miles away. As I looked out upon the smoke the Lord spoke to me,

“Kathi, this is no different than the fire that burns within the lives of My people. As they let go of control, allowing Me to consume them, it burns with a holy fire that impacts atmospheres even far away. Their acts of faith, their ongoing worship, their continuous prayers and their undying love releases plumes of spiritual ‘smoke’ (incense) that affects the atmosphere both near and far. Where natural fires pollute the atmosphere, their holy fire purifies the atmosphere.”

You may feel insignificant regarding your spiritual impact and yet you know that there is a fire burning within you that releases uncontainable worship and prayers that are too deep for words. As you allow the fire of His love to consume the atmosphere around you there is a plume of worship and prayer that goes out far beyond your small space. Your worship and prayers are impacting and purifying the spiritual atmosphere.

Everything that you release and lift up to Jesus is multiplied and expanded. The praise that happens in your car may be saving lives and stopping enemy assignments all around you. The prayers from your secret place are like incense going out to affect the public places in your city and nation. The acts of faith that you walk in each day become like a refreshing rain upon the thirsty ground beneath your feet. And the fire of His love that you yield to becomes a wildfire that consumes all that it touches.

There is no insignificant thing that is offered to God! You are a part of a great company that is filling the bowls in heaven and preparing the earth to receive her King. It has always been the seemingly “insignificant” people who faithfully prayed and worshipped that were the very ones that became the spark to ignite revival fires that ushered many into salvation.

What you carry is vital and incredibly significant to change atmospheres and to prepare a place for the glory of the Lord to inhabit. Your voice may be the voice that summons angel armies and your faith may be the mustard seed that causes a mountain to move. Do not hold back!

“Shout it aloud, do not hold back. Raise your voice like a trumpet…” Isaiah‬ ‭58:1‬(a)

Give Him all that He deserves no matter who sees it. My husband and I spent years directing a house of prayer; praying and worshipping with a team of beautiful people for many hours each day, week after week, month after month, year after year. More often than not we did not have any physical evidence or proof that the continuous praise and prayers were having an impact on the world around us. Yet, the Lord would encourage us to “not hold back.” We were releasing our prayers of faith and giving Him the praise that He deserved regardless of what we saw. We sacrificed all that we had for something that we could not see but for someone who we all longed to see…Jesus! We know that one day, when we are face to face with Him, we will understand all that was accomplished throughout those years. You will as well!

Again…don’t hold back because what you carry before Him each day is changing the world.

“Don’t hold back—give freely, and you’ll have plenty poured back into your lap—a good measure, pressed down, shaken together, brimming over. You’ll receive in the same measure you give.” Luke 6:38


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  1. Love the message and you 💖


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