A Double Rainbow Will Come After Your Storm

Kathi Pelton

The Lord showed me a vision of a dark storm that has touched many lives; wreaking havoc and bringing destruction. After the storm began to move past these lives a vibrant double rainbow appeared over their lives. It was a promise of double for all of the trouble that these storms had brought. This storm may have been both natural and spiritual; either way the promise of a double restoration (better than if the storm had never come) remains true.

I heard two (double) scriptures to go along with this picture,

“Instead of shame and dishonor, you will enjoy a double share of honor. You will possess a double portion of prosperity in your land, and everlasting joy will be yours.” Isaiah 61:7


“You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people.” Genesis 50:20

You will receive double! Double honor, double prosperity and everlasting joy! The testimony of God’s restoration will bring many to know Him and come to trust in Him.

A rainbow has seven colors within it and the double rainbow has double sevens. As I saw the double sevens I was led to Psalm 77 where the psalmist is in a deep storm of despair and questions if the promises of God will fail him. Then, in his despair, he remembers what God did for Moses and the children of Israel when He parted the Red Sea. He then “gains strength by remembering this testimony”.

While the storm is upon you, look to the testimonies of old and pull on the faithfulness of those promises fulfilled to get you through to the other side. There you will find your double!

He will do it again!!


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