Your “Yes” Releases Everything That You Need

Kathi Pelton

In what I would consider a “suddenly”, two of our sons (one in New York and one in California) heard the Lord speak to them that it was time to move to where we live and be a part of our ministry here. Neither spoke to the other one about it and both waited for confirmation before “acting in it”. As they waited, nothing seemed to happen that brought the confirmation that they sought. Then the Spirit spoke to each of them separately and said, “Your yes is what is needed.”

Both boys gave the Lord their “yes” to the Lord in faith. We are now seeing that their “yes” was the trip wire for the confirmations to open up and the provisions to begin to come in.

I am sharing this because this is an example of my life as well. Many times throughout my life God has asked me to do something that “in the natural” had such crazy risk attached to it that it caused people who do not understand faith to question our sanity. We’ve said yes to moving to other countries and states with nothing but the word of the Lord. Our “yes” became the beginning of the shaking of the ground that crumbled the mountains that stood in our way. Our “yes” became like the staff of Moses that parted the Red Sea before us; keeping us from advancing.

Is the Lord asking something of you that seems impossible and crazy to those looking on? Even crazy to all of your natural understanding? If so, don’t wait for the sea to part to move forward but extend your “yes” that will cause the waters to stand up so that you can pass through.

Strengthen yourself and your loved ones with the stories and testimonies of how God has moved on behalf of His people as they said, “Yes” in days gone by. The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophesy; so let His testimony prophesy over your steps ahead. Recount His faithfulness aloud because it will strengthen you as you move in faith. Your story, that is about to unfold, will become the testimony for someone else in the days to come.

Say YES! Obedience to His request is your key to the door that stands before you. Waiting for the door to open before allowing your key of “yes” to be inserted will only serve to delay you from entering in. Your yes will be the release of everything that you need. As you step forward each step will release the provision and strength for what you need. Let the “fear of the Lord” become greater than the fear of the journey or the fear of the unknown. He is faithful and He has gone before you.

Let the peace of God guard your heart and mind as you give your yes to the One who is worthy of all of you.

You are in a “yes” moment! Your yes is the key that opens doors before you. We say YES to you Jesus!


Sow into your “YES!”

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