The Crossover: 5777 to 5778


Kathi Pelton

We have come into the moment of “crossover” from the Hebrew year 5777 to 5778. A time from what prophetically has been called the “Year of the Clashing of Swords” to the “Year of the Door”.

The summer months have been months of refining and purification to prepare His people to enter through the door. The Spirit spoke to me in May saying that it would be a summer of miracles. Although many of those miracles looked different than we’d have expected, they were nonetheless miracles. These months produced the miracles of deliverance from lies into truths, old habits that brought about warfare to new ways and behaviors that bring peace and life and it brought forth the shedding of the old wineskins and the putting on of the new wineskin (old garments to new garments). These have been miracles that have prepared you for what will be poured out in this new year of open doors and new beginnings. 

I saw a vision of the bride going through what looked to be a hidden doorway that led to a secret garden. As the bride entered into this garden she was given new wine to drink and fresh baked bread to eat. It was His blood and His body; great healing and restoration came upon her as she partook of these gifts of grace. She then was taken to a place where she received a deep refreshing that was very much needed for her parched soul after a year of preparations and purifications. Jars of pure water were poured over her that refreshed her soul and revived her heart with new vision and renewed love. As she stood in this new place the smell of the grapes being pressed, fresh bread being baked, green grass after a rain and fragrant flowers mingled together in a cool breeze that blew gently upon her. These scents went into her very being and filled her with new beauty where the ashes had once been. Then a garland of the flowers from every season was placed upon her which caused a new sound of praise to come forth from her. This filled her with joy and revived first love for her Bridegroom to well up within her and then pour out from her.

As this vision ended I was aware that we are passing through a doorway at this time where we are invited into a secret place where all things are made new. New wine will fill the new wineskins and He will “restore our souls”. It was like walking into Psalm 23 and our cup was filled to overflowing with His beauty. 

As a young child (I was 4 years old), every night I would lay down in my bed to go to sleep and immediately I’d be taken into a long corridor or hallway where I saw in the distance door, after door, after door. At the time I could not reach the doors no matter how hard I tried. There were so many doors ahead and such a long and narrow corridor that it would overwhelm me and even frighten me. I somehow knew that beauty was on the other side of these doors but the hallway to get to them was too long. 

As we have come upon this time of Rosh Hashanah (5778) I have been reminded of this experience and suddenly heard the sound of the unlocking of all of these doors. No longer were they in the distance and unapproachable, but they were standing before us. It is the time to go through and crossover. We must leave behind what was carried through the years before this one. It is time to take off the hiking gear and allow the white garments that a bride wears to adorn us.

This year will mark a 50 year period since I had those experiences as a four year old child. It is like a jubilee time to leave the old and come into the doorway of the new. The old wineskins will not be able to hold the new wine therefore the old must be left outside the door. 

These are heavenly doors that will affect earthly things. The beauty and blessings will not only heal and restore your soul but will cause favor, wisdom and beauty to touch the places that your feet will step. 

…How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, “Your God reigns!” Isaiah 52:7

This will be a key verse that will anoint His bride as she passed through new doors. Good news and good tidings will come forth from her, peace and salvation will be her proclamation and shouts of “Our God reigns!” will fill the atmosphere. 

The secret door is unlocked that will usher you into the place that you experience the restoration of your soul. 

Enter in…

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