God is About to Restore Marriages! A Revival of Renewed Love Will Come Forth

Kathi Pelton

The Lord showed me a vision of couples that had been married for many years suddenly awakened to the “first love” that they had for one another. At first, I saw a black and white scene of a couple who were merely functioning in life together but no longer sharing the deep connection they once knew.

Then I saw angels sent to these couples—they were like cartoon “Cupid” angels that kids draw—and the angels were playfully shooting arrows of love at these couples. As this happened, the vision turned to vivid color and these couples remembered once again the wonderful sensation of love they shared in the beginning. Their hearts came alive with joy and excitement, and all the feelings they had shared in the beginning were restored.

I then saw that many second honeymoons will be planned because of this renewed love and affection. All the years of being responsible: focusing on raising children, on careers and caring for homes, and the hundreds of things that life demands from couples will suddenly come into a new perspective, and rather than tearing them apart it will knit them more closely together. They will carry the wonder of the love they shared in the beginning, along with the depth of wisdom that the years have taught them. Wonder and wisdom will be intermingled causing a double-portion blessing to rest upon their lives.

This double-portion blessing will suddenly give these couples new energy and new hopes, dreams, and joy. It will pour over into their relationships with Jesus, where together they will come into a renewed, first love experience with Him. Oneness of heart will be released in the body of Christ due to the love that is rekindled in these marriages.

I hear the words again and again, “He makes all things new! He makes all things new! He makes all things new!”

This mending of marriages will do more for the Kingdom than we can imagine. It will release a unity of hearts and a healing upon families. A baptism of joy will come upon His people because hearts will be awakened and “love will be in the air.” It will pour out wherever these couples go and people will be drawn to the love that they share. People will be saved because of their longing to have what these couples share together.

The world is full of married couples that are desperately longing to be reconnected and restored. The couples that experience this renewed love will become ministers of reconciliation wherever they go. They will become household and family evangelists; praying for and laying hands on couples that need what they have. They will carry an anointing for reconciliation and renewal.

Get ready for a revival of love that hits marriages!

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.” Proverbs 13:12


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