The Restoration of Fathers and Sons…and Daughters!

Kathi Pelton

Our Father God loves restoration. He loves to heal hearts and heal broken relationships; He loves His sons and daughters.

Today as I was spending time with my precious Heavenly Father, I saw a vision of fathers and sons who had experienced turbulent and broken relationships suddenly weeping in one another’s arms. The fathers’ eyes were open to see the hearts of their sons and the sons’ eyes were open to see the hearts of their fathers. In that moment the anger, hatred, and rage melted the hardened places, causing them to forgive and start anew. The fathers called out, “My son!” And the sons responded, “My Dad!”

Then I saw God pick up broken daughters who had been shattered deep within, and He held them in His lap. As He held them closely, their hearts that carried deep wounds from the men who were supposed to be “daddy” began to heal. The pain of abandonment and the pain of being raised by men who didn’t understand the Father’s love for themselves was touched by the perfect love of the heavenly Father. Then as these daughters were made whole I saw the Father hold their “daddies.” He held them until they realized that it was safe to love again. His arms once again melted the selfishness and hardened hearts, and the first thing these men did was run to their daughters to pick them up and hold them in their laps.

I saw this happening in many lives, families, and cultures that are not given to expressions of such tender love between fathers and sons or fathers and daughters. This healing that will restore families will spark healing that goes far beyond homes and individual families. It will touch the church and then the world.

For those whose fathers have long passed from this world, or whose fathers do not respond to this, God will raise up fathers to stand in their place; and you will understand that God is your father, and He will heal the deepest wounds that have caused your very identity to be impacted. He will call out to you, “My son!” or “My daughter!” and you will call back, “My Daddy!”

He will call you by your true name and hold you. He will not withhold anything from you but He will give you all that belongs to Him.

“He will restore the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers, so that I will not come and smite the land with a curse.” Malachi 4:6

This restoration will heal lands! As fathers and their children have their hearts turned back to one another it brings a blessing even upon the land.

The move of God that is coming will restore the hearts of the fathers! God is about to move upon fathers so that their hearts are made whole and they will be turned back to their sons and daughters. Many prodigals will return to the family of God as their fathers weep before them and repent for withholding their love, their affections, and their time from them.

There are many mothers in the Kingdom of God that are carrying this longing of the Father in their spiritual wombs. It is nearing the time to birth this into the tangible realm and see it come forth with breath and life. How we long to see the heart of the fathers turned to their children and the children’s hearts turned back to their fathers.

It’s time to push and see this birthed. Moms are needed now to once again give birth; and this time you are birthing both fathers and sons and fathers and daughters.


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