The Banqueting Table of Dreams

Kathi Pelton

As I waited on the Lord this morning I was taken to the finest banqueting table that I’d ever seen. It was full of color, creativity and movement. If the Northern Lights could be a banqueting table then this would be it!

I asked the Lord what this represented and His reply was,

“I’ve set a table for ‘dreams and dreamers’ before My people. Come and dream with Me and watch them come alive!”

It was a dream table!

As His people sat down to dream with the Father of Lights, He touched each dream and brought life, motion and momentum to them. Creativity flowed with vibrant colors and Heavenly sounds. The “Master Artist” was sitting at the head of the table as the conductor of this dream orchestra.

As God’s people came to sit at this table it released a greater realm of creativity. As each one added what they carried in their hearts the momentum increased and the beauty became breathtaking. This went into the atmosphere (like the Northern Lights) causing men and women who hadn’t known or heard of the Creator to come and join Him at this table.

This is a time to dream. Dream childlike dreams that are impossible in the natural realm but realized when the supernatural is added. Sit down with the Father of Lights and dream wild and dream big. Let God bring increase to your dream life and set you free of the captivity of the mundane in order to place you into His perfect plans. Your dreams will be an invitation to those in the highways and byways to come!

I see many who feel trapped in the “9 to 5” dead end jobs begin to dream at this table. As they begin to dream with God He brings life and movement to their dreams. It becomes like a resurrection into life for these ones who had lost hope and abandoned the dreams of their youth. Then, suddenly, they are launched into the most incredible journey of their lives. They will feel as though they are dreaming. The captivity of the “patterns of this world” that have dictated limited boundaries will be broken and these dreamers will live in the limitless boundaries of the Father’s good pleasure.

“Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.” Luke 12:32

The invitation is sent…come! Come to the banqueting table of dreams.


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