God is Getting Rid of the Obstructions, Blocks and Waste

Kathi Pelton

I have not written in a number of days because last Thursday I was hit with sudden and severe pain that landed me at the hospital, where doctors discovered an infection in my colon. This was not only painful, but not so fun to talk about. No one wants to talk about the parts of our bodies that process waste, but the health of those areas can save our lives.

As I’ve walked out this painful process over the past several days I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a truth to be learned from my experience. As I spoke with some intercessor friends last night we began to discuss how the enemy may have “revealed his hand” through this attack against my body.

What I have is a condition called diverticulitis. It is where small pockets or sacks form on your colon and digested food can get caught in them and become infected (yeah…gross!). But the infection can obstruct and block the process of the body’s ability to get rid of waste, or the hidden pocket can rupture releasing the infection into the whole body causing sepsis; which can kill you.

As I laid down last night for bed I went into a vision where I was taken into places in a spiritual body, and I saw small sacks or hidden pockets where “thoughts” that were contrary to God’s truth were caught and stored (held onto). Within these hidden pockets I saw words such as “unbelief,” “fear,” “lust,” “worthless,” “greed,” “pride,” “arrogance,” etc. Though the person had processed these things and discarded them as waste, somehow a hidden pocket had stored them and it was becoming infected which would stop all waste from being released and discarded and would poison even that which is good. They were like tiny, hidden strongholds that had been planted to destroy the whole as they festered and infected even what was good.

I apologize for the graphic visual but it is important to talk about even that which is not pleasant when the Lord gives understanding and revelation. I could feel the Spirit hovering, awaiting the invitation to remove the hidden strongholds that held wrong beliefs or things that were once consumed but never fully removed. These hidden places will creep up and cause you sudden pain when you least expect it. God is waiting to remove these hidden pockets and strongholds with His power to search out every hidden thing.

This not only applies to us individually, but corporately. As I was speaking to my friends last night they began to tell me how they were taken into a vision about my condition, where they saw the corporate body flooded with individuals who were wasted, homeless, dirty, mentally ill, and unwanted. They saw many people who looked on these ones as “a waste of time” because they drained time and energy with few positive results. Many in the body were passing them by as “waste.” But the Lord was saying, “I have a way to redeem them, to deliver them and to restore them. They are not waste but sons and daughters.”

As we talked about these things I heard the verse, “Perfect love casts out fear.” But then the Lord said it a different way, “Perfect love casts out demons, addictions, strongholds, perversions, sickness, and lies.” Then I began to see a movement of His perfect love that cleanses His body first, and then pours into the streets—the highways and byways—and His perfect love turns those that have been called “waste” into sons and daughters.

I live in a large city where the homeless population and addicts are everywhere. Their garbage and “waste” is spilling into the street and polluting our beautiful city…but what if they’ve gathered here for such a time as this? What if they are our most precious resources, because when perfect love touches their lives they will be redirected into sons and daughters who will go into all the world and give that perfect love away. They are the “Todd Whites” of tomorrow and out of great darkness will come a bright light.

So, to conclude, there are two messages within this word. First, the Lord is making us a way of hidden strongholds that may be infecting your whole body. These are places where lies and sins that had once plagued you have held on in a hidden place. The Lord is here to remove them so that they will no longer cause obstruction and blocks that keep you from ridding your temple of waste. Ask the Lord to search out every hidden pocket that is holding onto a lie or a stronghold that will infect even the good. Second, let’s no longer fear what the world calls waste! We need to receive wisdom and we need to ask for His perfect love to be manifest in our places of worship, in our lives, and in the hidden places in our cities where vile things take place. May His perfect love go to the places of strongholds in our cities and nation that is infecting the whole and bring redemption and resurrection.

Pray for a movement of perfect love to go through your body and remove all hidden things; through your church, your city, and your nation. He is waiting and watching for the people and places that will receive a movement that has perfect love as its calling card upon it. Cry out for perfect love that casts out everything that brings fear and waste.


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2 responses to “God is Getting Rid of the Obstructions, Blocks and Waste”

  1. Very timely, Kathi !! Your transparency, discernment and love are gifts to the Body.
    May God have His full way in each of us and in His corporate Body!! Lord, our God , we want to be whole, sanctified and ready for You !! Please do what we have not been able to do, in the Holy Name of Jesus we pray. Amen.


    1. Amen and thank you 😊


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