You Will Catch the Swift Current

by Kathi Pelton

For a few weeks now I have been seeing a reoccurring vision of God’s people being pulled into a spiritual current (such as a strong ocean current) that suddenly propels them forward. In the vision I saw people moving along slowly but faithfully but then suddenly they were pulled into a swift moving current that accelerated them with ease and a strength that was not their own.

I believe that many people who have been faithful with the little and who have kept moving forward, despite resistance and opposition, will be (and even now are) experiencing a sudden pull into this spiritual current that causes even things in the natural and the spirit to move faster and with greater ease. You will get from one place to another with greater ease, you will see answers come more swiftly and you will feel the power and force of His might free you from a heavy yoke of your own strength that has caused exhaustion and resistance. You will suddenly find yourself yoked to His power and the move of His Spirit.

I also heard the Lord say that those who have been held back due to opposition will suddenly become “current” as they are pulled into this spiritual current that catches them up. You have not missed anything but will be found “in His timing” at the very time that you are needing to be there.

If you are feeling a negative “pull” that is trying to convince you to stop or give up it is merely the enemy’s attempt to keep you away from being pulled into this swift current that will propel you forward and put you into this move of God that will impact you personally and us corporately.

This current will create a “slipstream” that aligns you with heaven’s movement. Your natural circumstances will be caught in this slipstream and we will see the Kingdom of God established in earth and in our lives like never before. Keep moving forward and do not be hindered by the pull that wants to stop you. The swift current is closer than you think!


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3 responses to “You Will Catch the Swift Current”

  1. Hi Kathy,
    I just wanted to leave a note. I have been following your blog for almost a year now. God has confirmed many of his words to me through your posts. I have shared many of your posts with others to encourage and to remind us of truth, while we wait. Your ministry has meant a lot in my deepest heart. I have not been in a financial place to give but have wanted to. I am so so blessed to be able to donate to your Boston trip today- even though it’s probsbly almost at an end. Thank you for your faithful sacrifice and for your choices. It is by these choices you have been given access to God’s secrets, and now others are blessed. Thank you. Thank you!!!!


    1. Thank you Heather! That means so much to me. Actually, we just arrived last night so it’s merely just begun. We are resting today and then begin meetings and connections tomorrow. We will be in Boston and Rhode Island and then we will have a day of fun at the end.



  2. This is such an encouraging word: I’ve been so under attack with discouragement and battle fatigue that I’ve sometimes wondered if I’ll make it. But these words that keep coming about the Lord undertaking for us, and just hanging on, that the Big Wave is coming imminently, that I can deal with. Day by day. Personally, the stuff that comes out of left field and blindsides us, as well as the stuff that whacks us just as we turn the corner, innocently assuming we know what to expect, is a devious plan to keep us off balance and cause us to let go of the tow rope. BUT GOD. Just looking with amazement at what the Lord is doing with Trump, fulfilling prophecy right and left. Now he’s planning to Rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem. Fulfilling end-time prophecy. There will be sacrifices offered to the Lord there again, and of course, that makes the Arab world see red. Hold on to your hat, we just might be the last generations.

    On Tue, Apr 9, 2019 at 5:27 PM Oceans in the Desert wrote:

    > Kathi Pelton posted: “by Kathi Pelton For a few weeks now I have been > seeing a reoccurring vision of God’s people being pulled into a spiritual > current (such as a strong ocean current) that suddenly propels them > forward. In the vision I saw people moving along slowly but fait” >


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