A 911 Call

Dear Friends,
After a year of many of thousands of miles traveled by planes and vehicles to different states and nations; Jeff and Kathi need your help. 
On their last trip of the year this week their vehicle broke down about five hours away from home and Jeffrey has been stranded at a motel waiting for a shop to give him an estimate. The cost for this is right now at about $1200.00. Jeff and Kathi try to only ask God for their help and provision but they have had a few people suggest that they should ask those who benefit from our ministry if they would be willing to sow into this need.
Jeffrey needs to get home and this is cutting into the short time of rest before a busy new year of more travel and ministry is upon them.
If you can help by sowing into this need you can go give through the homepage donate button or give through PayPal to the email:
This need comes right on the heels of Kathi’s laptop breaking which has really hampered her ability to write and meet deadlines on ministry assignments. They both so appreciate all the prayer support that they receive and the constant encouragement that those who walk with them extend their way.
Thank you and Bless you!
Inscribe Ministries
Jeffrey and Kathi Pelton

Your 911 is Secure


By Kathi Pelton

On this day when the world remembers the towers that fell on 9/11/01, we have a hope in a strong tower that cannot be destroyed but keeps us safe from all evil.

Proverbs 18:10
The name of the Lord is a strong tower; The righteous runs to it and is safe and set on high [far above evil].

As we run into our strong tower we can know that it will never fall nor be destroyed. Jesus is our strong tower and He is a safe place to be lifted above the evil that seeks to steal, kill and destroy. Do not let the fear of evil cause you dread or steal your joy because your strong tower is sure and secure. He is your homeland security and the lifter of your head.

Man made towers may fall but the name of the Lord is the tower that will never fall and never fail. I AM is forever and He is eternal. Nothing in Heaven or Earth can shake this unshakable truth. The angels surround Him and the demons flee from Him. In Him you can find safety and be lifted above your enemies.

As we remember the towers that fell and the lives lost in them this day, let us also remember the Strong Tower that cannot be shaken and provides safety for all who run into Him.