The Enemy’s Identity Theft and God’s Identity Restoration

Kathi Pelton

For anyone who is not aware that there is a war over good and evil, over what is pure and what is defiled, over light and darkness; for those of us living in the United States we have a living illustration as we view a “political war” taking place before our eyes. Although this article will not be about that particular war or my discernment on what is happening, I do want you to be aware that there is a war that we cannot ignore.

There is a war over your identity. The enemy falsely began accusing you as soon as you were old enough to understand having beliefs or thoughts about your value. My five year old grandson already understands this; he is now in kindergarten and already only wants to wear “cool” clothes (Nike is his “cool” of choice because of the swoosh) and he wants his hair done the “cool” way. Why? Because the enemy’s voice (through thoughts, through advertisements and through peers) has already caused a five year old to be self-conscious of the reality that he may not be good enough or acceptable enough before “men” apart from an outward display that conforms to the demanding human eyes that are watching.

If the enemy can slander you at a young age (a process he is highly skilled in) by casting doubt and negative self-image upon you then he can divide you from who God created you to be. Satan’s greatest fear is that you become aligned with God and His thoughts toward you, because if you do then nothing can stop you. The fear of man comes from an identity that has been divided from its divine design. Rather than living from a place of confidence and assurance before God, man begins to live to impress man which always demands more performance and perfection.

The war over all that Jesus shed His blood for is very real. Though the enemy knows that he has already been defeated, he is not going down without taking as many as he can down with him. He isn’t satisfied with a few; he wants an entire generation! He is after the identity of our children and our children’s children. It is the ultimate crime of “identity theft”!

If suddenly every person on our US Senate Judiciary Committee had a revelation of who Jesus is and who God created them to be, there would be no question and no war because no one would feel the need to lie, to divide, or to accuse. The individuals would see the beauty of Christ in one another and in His image in their own lives. They would come into unity and oneness with God and each other and true justice would prevail; bringing peace and harmony.

The war is over identity…God’s true identity (which is continually being misrepresented), over your divine identity that reveals Christ, over your children’s identity that brings a generational blessing, and over the identity of all of creation….which groans and waits for the revelation of God’s sons and daughters.

I call forth God’s identity protection and identity revelation over your life and the lives of your children. I call forth the revelation of the true nature, character and identity of God. I call forth the original intent (identity) in the heart of God over our nation and over the nations of the world. May God arise and divide the thief from your life and release upon you the fullness of the Giver of abundant life (John 10:10). I declare abundant life over you and our land!


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A Decree Over Your Life

Kathi Pelton

Today I decree over you the prayer of agreement that aligns with the original intent of Jesus Christ for your life. May it now be brought forth in you and your true identity be set in place.

May the perfect love that caused Him to shed His precious blood permeate your body, soul and spirit and cause every chain to fall away and every lie to be washed away.

I declare life, blessings, abundance, favor, health and wholeness over you today. May everything that pertains to you now come into alignment with the truth and victory of Jesus Christ.

Together we declare, “Holy is the Lord who resurrects us just as He was resurrected. May we become the inheritance that He rightly deserves.”



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You Are Chosen

Kathi Pelton

This past Sunday during our worship service I had a wonderful experience. I was taken to my time in the womb where I saw God breathe upon me and mark my life with the word “Chosen”. Then I was taken to the point in time as a teenager where I first experienced the presence of God touching my heart. Once again I saw Him breathe upon me and call me “Chosen”. It was such a deep experience; far deeper than a vision. I actually experienced those moments from God’s perspective and the love was deeper than I could have ever imagined.

Later that day we had a team gathering in our home to do prayer ministry over a young couple. After the ministry time, they felt to pray over me and when one of the men came to lay hands on me all he heard was to declare the name “Chosen” over my life!! I had only shared what had happened that morning with my husband…no one else knew about it.

I hadn’t been planning to share this in my writings but when I began to write today I kept seeing person after person being marked as “chosen”. They had done nothing to earn it; God chose them and that sealed it. It was His unconditional love and desire that marked you. He chose you before the foundation of the earth and He paid the price for you upon the cross.

You have been chosen. You are deeply desired, loved without limitations, and bought with costly blood. His blood poured over your feet just like the costly perfume was poured over His feet by Mary.

Cast off every other name that has identified you as less than “Chosen”. Your value was made known upon the cross. You are worth the life of the Son of God. You are chosen and loved more than you can imagine. That is your identity and who you are!

““Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations.”” Jeremiah‬ ‭1:5‬ ‭


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