Update On Jeffrey’s Cancer Surgery

Dear Friends & Family,

In mid-May Jeffrey had his surgery to remove cancer. It was a long operation but a successful one. His surgeon was able to remove all the cancer and take tissue and lymph nodes from the surrounding area to biopsy. We recently received amazing news— NO CANCER WAS FOUND IN THE BIOPSIED TISSUE!

It will be a bit of a lengthy recovery, which is hard for a man that does not like to be inactive— but he’s found that he still has quite limited strength and stamina to push past the limits set on him at this time.

We are rejoicing at this good report and praying for the full restoration of all that was damaged or disrupted through the surgery. We so appreciated your prayers throughout the past few months and truly value your prayers as he moves through recovery. Thank you all.

Also, thank you to all of you faithful and kind friends (spiritual family) that have sown into us and our ministry financially. You are the hands and feet of Jesus to us and your support makes it possible for us to do all that God has called us to do locally, nationally and internationally. It is an honor to serve our King through the laying down of our lives.

We bring all of our supporters before the Lord in prayer weekly to pray for the increase of his Kingdom and his love to come upon the lives of you and your loved ones. We also pray that he will find a resting place within your hearts.

God is turning the tables of the “systems of men” (even within his house) to bring forth his new wineskin where we will move from glory to glory. This will cause us to learn to be still and know that he alone is God. Only that which can be shaken will fall but all that is established upon the firm foundation of Christ will not be shaken. I encourage you to let the things that are shaken fall and stand in firm trust that everything else will remain— for it is built upon the Rock of Christ.

We send our love and prayers to you as you enter a summer of promises fulfilled and awakening.

With Love,

Jeffrey & Kathi Pelton


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Up On The Rooftop

Up On the Rooftop
Kathi Pelton

As I waited upon the Lord I heard the words, “Faith is up on the rooftop.” Then immediately I began to see the scene in Mark 2 of the four friends of the paralyzed man, whose faith was so sure that Jesus could heal him that they were willing to dig through the roof.

“Since they could not get him to Jesus because of the crowd, they made an opening in the roof above Jesus by digging through it and then lowered the mat the man was lying on.”

There was a time in my life, over 25 years ago, where my desperation for a healing touch from Jesus caused me to stay up almost every night for many hours into the early morning until I received his touch. After nearly nine months of this I not only received a touch from him, but I was given an encounter with him that lasted for thirty days (24/7) and it healed me of terrible trauma that had occurred in my life. I was set free— my faith had taken me to the rooftop where I dug my way through until I reached Jesus.

It is not that Jesus isn’t willing to touch and heal those who are merely asking because he often does— but there is something about the faith that takes you “above the circumstances”, above the disappointments, above the despair and caused you to raise the roof through a desperate act of faith.

I personally believe that the paralytic was urging, if not begging, his friends to take him up to the roof. He was willing to go to whatever extreme that would get him to the One with the power to heal.

There is something powerful that happens when we add faith to our desperate situations and begin to press in to receive what we need no matter how extreme it appears to others. Just this past weekend, my friend, Jodie Hughes was speaking at our church and she began to say, “This is not a time for what is proper but a time to say, ‘I will become undignified before the Lord.’” Just as King David danced (unrobed) before the ark of the covenant, offending his wife, so we too will be willing to become undignified as we give our all to him. We won’t care who is looking or what they think, we will dig through a roof or dance in the streets unashamedly.

This is an hour that we will begin to see desperate acts of faith from those who are tired of captivity, sickness, torment and having their faith paralyzed by circumstances. They will begin to throw off what is proper as they demand to be lowered through the roof to Jesus. They will dig through the mire and throw off all that hinders their faith, just to receive a touch from him.

My nine month journey of “going to the rooftop” was effectively breaking off a spiritual paralysis that had kept me in captivity— then the Lord met me with an encounter that changed my life forever. He was not withholding from me— he knew that I must shake off chains and partner with him for my freedom. It was a roar of deliverance that I needed to go down.

If you have something that you’ve been waiting for, contending for, longing for— maybe it is time to pull off restraints and find the faith that takes you to a rooftop where you will dig through until you receive what he has for you. Do not let “proper” stop you or pride stop you— or UNBELIEF stop you! Begin to press in until you breakthrough.

He is calling you into the faith that take you to the rooftop!

To read my full testimony of breakthrough, order my book, “Finding Home: A Doorway of Hope”— on a half-price sale now at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1951611284/ref=cm_sw_r_awdo_4TS686W9KYXVXPJ28NFA

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Silence Has a Sound– The Sound of Awe

By Kathi Pelton

This morning I was on a zoom call (with some of our brothers and sisters across the nations) having the most beautiful time in worship. As we worshipped together we were taken into a deep place in our spirits– so deep that it defied words. Even over a zoom call we found ourselves in a place of awe that caused us to become silent, yet still in worship. There were no words, no instruments, no sound– but we knew that our worship was going to a new depth. It became apparent that we had been pouring out our perfume over the feet of Jesus and now the “fragrance had filled the house.” From many nations our different scents had intermingled until we were immersed in a fragrance that left us in awe and silence.

As we allowed the silence to linger, I heard these words in my spirit,

“The sound of silence is the sound of pouring out your surrender. Though the pouring out of perfume has no physical sound– still, the fragrance fills the house and immerses all. The silence is not only a response to awe, it is also a yielding from your activity to take the posture of fully trusting me and becoming still to acknowledge that I alone am God. It makes room for heaven to touch earth, which is my footstool.”

Just before the time of awe and silence came upon us, one of the worship leaders had been singing the words, “Pour us out like perfume upon the earth.” As he sung this I kept hearing the words from Isaiah 66:1,

“Heaven is my throne and earth is my footstool. Where is the house you will build for me? Where will my resting place be?”

As we poured out perfume over the earth it was being poured over his feet– as the earth is his footstool. Then the response of silence suddenly created a resting place for him.

Then, another worship leader began to sing the song “Resting Place”,

Heaven is my throne
And earth is my footstool
Where is the house you will build for me?
Whom of you will hear the cry of my heart
Where will my resting place be?
Here Oh Lord
Have I prepared for You a home
Long have I desired for You to dwell
Here Oh Lord
Have I prepared a resting place
Here Oh Lord I wait for You alone

But– rather than singing “Here Oh Lord, I wait for you alone”, he sang, “Here Oh Lord, I pour out my perfume.” As he sang these words, the awe increased– and oneness was tangibly experienced by all. We were taken even deeper– the silence had created a resting place that was filled with his fragrance– the fragrance of his love. One of the women from began to experience a frequency of heaven that was being released in the stillness, then she heard the Lord say, “Not only are you perfume poured out for me but I am perfume for you.”

I wanted to share this because it is a beautiful example of how silence has a sound, a frequency and it creates a place for us and for the Lord. Becoming sensitive to when a holy hush comes into a room or a meeting is part of allowing yourself to become one with him, even corporately. We move when he says to move and we get still when he says, “Be still.” And in our stillness he moves even more because we have yielded to his lead and to his reign.

Not only does the Lord find a resting place, but we experience a supernatural rest that cannot be explained. I would imagine that far more happened then we are aware of in those moments of silence as people from many nations paused to linger in the fragrance and awe of our God. As Psalm 46:10 says,

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”

One day we will all know what happened in those moments where we were still, even as our hearts were postured to exalt him. They are happening more and more frequently across the nations. Are these moments that shift things on earth? Are they moments that win victories? Are they moments that bring the lost into the revelation of Jesus? Moments of awe– for lingering in awe releases awe!

“Oh, the depths of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments and how inscrutable His ways!” Romans 11:33

Silence releases awe! Wide eyed, opened mouthed awe! Whether you are in your private prayer time or leading corporate prayer/worship, know that some of the deepest times is when everything stands in silence and stillness to take in the awe and majesty of Christ. Let’s stop more often to stand in awe of him!


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By Kathi Pelton

During this past week my vacuum stopped working so my daughter-in-law let me borrow her powerful cordless vacuum until I can buy a new one. As I was using it I was amazed at the power that it had and how light it was to hold. About half way through my vacuuming it stopped working and needed to be recharged. So I went and plugged it into it’s charging station to get powered up again.

When I did this the Spirit spoke to me and said, “I am the charging station for my people to go forth in power (anointing). They can function in their gift alone and impress men, but to truly bring change and release my glory they need to have the power and anointing that comes from me alone.”

The vacuum I used is powerful and effective to bring change and transformation to my home but it actually has to remain at its charging dock far longer than it is able to operate in power. What an amazing illustration of our lives as believers. We must daily go before the Lord and engage with his Spirit until we are filled up with his heart, his will, his truth and his power. Only then should we be operating in our gift— otherwise there will be no power to bring true transformation and change.

I believe that this is what we see when we look upon lives like Heidi Baker’s. She spends more time with Holy Spirit than doing public ministry. Then she goes forth in the power of his Spirit— continually taking time to reconnect and receive from him. She is more connected with the Spirit than the world which makes transformation come when she touches the world.

God is calling his church to make sure that they are spending time with him— time to recharge, receive power and to be fully functioning by his Spirit. Otherwise we may look impressive and move in an impressive manner out of our gifts but we will lack the power that transforms our lives and all that our lives touch.

2 Timothy 3 talks about how in the last days men will have a “form of godliness but deny its power.”

The NLT words it this way,

“They will act religious, but they will reject the power that could make them godly. Stay away from people like that!” 2 Timothy‬ ‭3:5‬ ‭NLT

We must be careful to not live merely in a form of godliness but not be spending time with God. Or using the gifts of the Spirit apart from the power of the Spirit. This was what happened in Revelation 3 to the Church in Sardis. They developed a reputation of godliness but they did not access the Spirit given to them by God that made them “sons of God.” They claimed to be alive but God called them “dead.” Then he called them to “Wake Up!” Or they would lose what they had received from him.

Let’s not be at risk of becoming religious rather than spiritual— we do not want only a form of godliness but we want to be completely yielded to him— to belong fully to him. In the days ahead we will need the constant connection with God that empowers us to persevere, endure and be transformed. We must be fully connected to the source of all power, authority, and wisdom in all that we do.

As his love becomes the power that flows through us, his burden will be light upon us as well. Using the gifts of the Spirit and functioning in them out of human strength will only serve to burn people out and allow for all sorts of evil to enter in (see 2 Timothy 3:1-5).

Let’s be sure that we are powering up every morning and throughout the day— not with just nice Christian music playing, a Christian podcast teaching or by reading a social media post like this one— but by taking time to connect deeply to God and allowing his Spirit to be our source of power.

“Come away with me…”


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Shout “Mercy” Over Your Prodigals

By Kathi Pelton

I once heard a story during one of our Sunday services that the Spirit of God has been bringing back to me again and again. The story was about a young man who had committed the crime of desertion from Napoleon’s army for which he received a sentence of death. His distraught mother went before Napoleon and begged for mercy for her only son. He said to her, “Your son does not deserve mercy.” The mother replied, “If he deserved mercy he would not be in need of it.”

When Napoleon heard this, he was moved with compassion and showed her mercy by pardoning her son and returning him to his mother.

Mercy is what is shown to one who deserves judgement; it is completely unmerited by the recipient. Mercy flows out of a place of compassion and unconditional love toward the guilty and the condemned. Grace, on the other hand, is unmerited favor. It is what brings forgiveness and provides salvation to the one who cries out in repentance.

In the story that I shared above, the son didn’t cry out for mercy; his mother did. As I am reminded of this story, I want to say this,

“Mothers, shout for mercy over your prodigal sons and daughters!”

My husband and I have four beautiful children; we adopted our oldest daughter when she was a year old. Her adoption was the most radical miracle I’ve ever (personally) witnessed. The day that we brought this beautiful baby home was the best day of my life. I remember sitting in the back seat of our car with her sleeping next to me in her car seat. I touched her little hands and toes and wept in awe of this gift that God had delivered into our hands. She was perfect and she was ours…she was a desire and promise fulfilled for us.

When she became an older teen we watched the enemy bring an assignment upon her life to steal her away. Now, she is living as a prodigal— in a life that is so much less than God had planned for her and that we dreamed for her. Although all of our other children are walking with Lord, our hearts live with a daily ache to see our “baby of promise” return to the Lord (we know that she will!).

As the mom of a prodigal, this exhortation to “shout for mercy” for the prodigals and the story of the mom begging the judge for mercy for her son, deeply stirs my heart. I find myself driving in my car shouting “Mercy!” over her and “Mercy!” over all the prodigal sons and daughters. Like the father in the story of the prodigal son, I am always watching down the road for our daughter to return home. We will run to her when she does.

Though these prodigals are not crying out for mercy, their moms can cry out for them. There is a judge in Heaven who is full of mercy and full of compassion. Go before the mercy seat of God and plead mercy for your prodigal child or loved one. In Exodus 25:22 God makes a promise regarding the mercy seat saying, “I will meet with you…”

In the Old Testament, the mercy seat was sprinkled with blood when the priest came before it. It had two gold cherubim on either side of it, and it was the place where God’s presence rested. When Jesus rose from the dead, there were two angels dressed in white at the head and foot of where the blood stained body of Jesus had lain. It was a perfect picture of the mercy seat.

You are invited to go before the mercy seat of God, where He will meet with you, and ask for the Blood of Jesus to come upon your prodigal, and mercy to be declared over their lives.

Shout Mercy! Mothers, shout Mercy! Wives…shout “Mercy!” over those who do not deserve mercy.

The Merciful One is saying, “Shout Mercy!” There is an agreement between your shout and His compassion that will bring the breakthrough. Don’t stop! “But go and learn what this means: ‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice.’ For I have not come to call the righteous, but the sinners.” (Matthew 9:13)


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Summer Showers— A Coat of Many Colors and a Downpour of Promises Fulfilled!

By Kathi Pelton

I saw in my spirit a vision of a downpour of rain that came in the midst of a sunny, summer sky. A vibrant rainbow appeared amid this summer downpour. As I saw this I heard the words,

“The forecast is for summer showers accompanied by vibrant rainbows! Watch for a downpour of promises fulfilled to fall upon my people. Their coat of promise (many colors) is being restored.”

In some places (like here in Oregon), we may be weary of the natural rain that has been falling for many months, but God is about to send a different downpour— a downpour from heaven where the fulfillment of promises that where given to us long ago will suddenly saturate our lives.

There is a coat of many colors coming down upon God’s people that represents the restoration of his promises of old over you. You may have received this coat of promise “many moons ago” but many will suddenly wear the promise that was long deferred.

Though these promises seemed to have been lost, stolen or forgotten— God has not forgotten what he promised you and he will fulfill it. Many of you have been through great trials and storms since the time that you first received your promise— but, like Joseph— you have been prepared to wear your “call” with humility, Godly character and love for others. Your life may have felt like a “prison of delay and discouragement”— but God knows how to prepare us through trials. When your promise is fulfilled— those who judged you or deemed you “forgotten” will know that the Lord is faithful to keep his promises!

The Lord is restoring honor and the favor that he created you to walk in. Like he did for Joseph, he is releasing his people from captivity and setting them in positions of authority and influence. The promises that appeared to be ripped away from you (like when Joseph’s coat was torn away from him by his own brothers) will be restored with greater honor as authority. The colors of character have been added to your coat through the years of waiting— patience, endurance, faithfulness, humility, obedience, gratitude and love.

Yesterday evening, many of my friends who live in Washington DC, sent me photos of the most amazing double rainbow that appeared over the area— over the Supreme Court and all the buildings where national decisions are made. It was like a coat of many colors coming over our nation— restoring promises that have been long delayed. “God, restore and fulfill your original intent and call upon our nation!” In the very place where many have stood and prayed for our nation— God is bringing answers to promises and sealing it with a double rainbow.

Many of you will be refreshed and renewed after a long season of storms and strong winds. For winds of change have come upon you. These winds not only brought change but they also blew out all the old and useless things for the new era. These winds blew out the dust acquired in the wilderness (as you pioneered your way through uncharted lands) and they blew away the ashes of all that was refined by his fire in the past season. And these winds have been accompanied by angels that have brought you clean garments and this now are bringing this coat of promise.

There will still be many trials to overcome, many battles to win and enemies to face but your coat of promise will also be a coat of authority and favor that will declare the faithfulness of God and give you renewed strength to overcome. The downpour of promises fulfilled will set you free from the doubt and discouragement that you’ve wrestled with, giving you a renewed faith to believe. You will have a new confidence to follow him wherever he asks you to go and do whatever he asks you to do.

“Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill His promises to her.” Luke 1:45:


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Vision of The Send Stadium

By Kathi Pelton

In early 2020 I was with David Bradshaw and the Awaken the Dawn team at the Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace and received this vision. The Send was originally planned for 2020 and we were preparing in prayer— God knew the right time. Here is the vision:

Vision of a Baby Place in Bassinet That Was A Stadium

During a prayer session in the prayer furnace in Fredericksburg, Virginia (on 2/14/2020) we all entered into a time of praying in the spirit. As we pressed in I was taken into a visionary encounter where I saw the Father cradling a baby. He was holding it so tenderly and gently. He was gazing intently into the baby’s eyes so I looked to see the baby’s face. I was surprised to see that rather than an infant’s face it was a globe of the world. This globe had eyes but they appeared to be blind and it had life but seemed not to comprehend who was holding it with such love and care.

Then the Father blew the baby a kiss and when His breath touched the baby’s eyes they suddenly could see and it’s mind was awakened to see and comprehend the agape love that held it. His kiss blew away the darkness that had hidden His face and His beauty from His creation.

As the baby was given sight, light and revelation of the love of God, the angels came and surrounded the One who held it.

I looked as the angels came and some where holding clean, white linen garments to put upon the baby; for the darkness had soiled it.

The Father held the baby up and many angels took the baby from the Father’s arms to change it’s garments.

I watched as they set the baby into what at first appeared to be a bassinet but as I looked closer it was actually a stadium (such a a sports team would play in). This baby filled the stadium and I began to hear songs of praise, prayers in many languages and the sound of many instruments coming forth that caused the baby to rest and be still while the angels removed it’s soiled garments and replaced them with clean garments.

It was like the scene from the Book of Zechariah 3 where Joshua the High Priests garments are changed. It was “not by might, nor by power but by His Spirit.” (Zach.4:6)

I believe that the nations (His created ones) will be brought to the stadium in Kansas City (and then others) where God’s people are releasing the sounds of love and worship and suddenly their eyes will be opened to see God and their minds will be able to comprehend the depths, width and heights of His love. As they stand in the stadiums myriads angels will come to change their garments just as happened in Zechariah 3. A sovereign move of God will occur as His people come to gather in stadiums across the world. Many will have their eyes open just by being in the atmosphere in the cities where the stadiums are located and this will cause them to find the source of what opened their eyes.

This baby is the nations and is His created ones. The baby will see, it will be set free from darkness and will be clothed in clean, pure garments.


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This Little Light of Mine— It May Seem Small But It Still Shatters the Darkness

By Kathi Pelton

Did you know that no matter how dark the night is and no matter how small a light brought into it is…IT SHATTERS THE DARKNESS!

We often think too small regarding our light or our influence within dark atmospheres around the world. As I watch believers in the Ukraine shining their light— I am amazed at the beacon of light they have become amid great darkness— a beacon of hope.

As I spent yesterday at a hospital (my husband had surgery), I could feel the hopelessness in the atmosphere and the reality of our human frailty. Quite honestly, I woke up this morning not wanting to go back there— then I remembered that I carry light into that place! I carry hope and healing. I carry Jesus!

We all need to remember that we are carriers of light. Our little light, when brought into a dark place, shatters the power of darkness. Darkness cannot coexist with light! There is either darkness or light and even “this little light of mine” is enough to dispel darkness and bring forth light so that all can see.

Oh how the enemy of God wants to intimidate those who carry light. He wants us to hide in caves or put out light under a “bushel” where it will be hidden. He wants men to dwell in darkness because that is where he does his dark deeds. But, we must come out of the caves, out of our comfort zones and greenhouses where life and light are contained. We must walk into darkness and shine our light.

Our Adversary dwells in darkness, looking for who he can devour, therefore we must go and shed light so that many might be saved and his plans are exposed and thwarted before being carried out. We want him running to hide along with all of his cohorts— intimated and afraid of the light within us.

“Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. Resist him, firm in your faith” 1 Peter 5:8–9

We carry within us the Spirit of The Lion of Judah, whose roar and authority brings life and liberty to the captives. He lives in us and where we go, he goes!

In reality, we are not merely a “little light” but we carry the Light of the World within us. We carry the blood of the One who defeated sin and death within us.

We carry his victory within us and his name is written upon us— which causes demons to tremble and darkness to flee. We are the head and not the tail. It is time to let the Light of the World shine through us. We carry the light that shatters the darkness.

Now…let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!


UPDATE: My husband, Jeffrey had surgery to remove cancer yesterday. Thank you for all who were praying for him. After a long surgery, he is in pain but has begun the six week recovery process. We will know if they got all of the cancer in about a week. Please continue to pray for his recovery and for us as we walk through this time. If you would like to send a card to him, I will put the address below. If you would like to support us with a financial gift, go to: https://www.inscribeministries.com/contact-us.html

A War Against Oneness

By Kathi Pelton

Do you know what was Jesus’ last prayer recorded in the scriptures? It is recorded in the 17th chapter of the Book of John,

“I pray that they will all be one, just as you and I are one—as you are in me, Father, and I am in you. And may they be in us so that the world will believe you sent me.” John‬ ‭17:21‬ ‭NLT‬‬

This is the greatest evangelism key that there is— when the world sees that we are one with God and walking in oneness with each other— THEN THEY WILL BELIEVE!

Therefore it’s no surprise that the enemy seeks to divide the family of God.

Yesterday I was a part of a conversation about this very subject with some of the most beautiful people that I have the privilege of knowing. In this conversation one man said a very interesting thing that struck my heart. He said, “The enemy doesn’t divide the church, individual people divide the church. The enemy merely sends attacks against individual’s minds to cause them to become critical, offended, opinionated, disagreeable, politically motivated and slanderous against one another.” This divides the family of God.

The war against oneness in the church begins in the mind of every believer. God loves unity but he has provided for oneness which is much deeper— and is founded in covenant. It is what Jesus had with his Father as he walked the earth (and still today). It is what he has offered those who believe.

We have been invited into this oneness and if our oneness will cause the world to know and believe then we need to seek this with all of our hearts. This begins with our own hearts and minds— the battleground of the mind is where it begins and where it can be won.

As a pastor, I have noticed a great increase of people experiencing “mind wars.” I receive calls every week from people who are experiencing about tremendous warfare in the area of their mental capacity. They are struggling to remain in the peace of Christ and the truth of his Word. Between the demonic and highly politically charged narrative from almost every media (communication) source— as well as being infiltrated with so many opinions and the provocative rhetoric through social media sites, the enemy has managed to cause the mind that is continually exposed to these things extremely vulnerable. Then, he comes and adds his own agenda by accusing a brother or sister in the Lord or using them to offend or stir up conflict. Gradually even the believer’s mind can be poisoned with slanderous thoughts against one another that are backed by strong opinions that we dare to call “justice.”

As much as we believe in fasting from food, we need to begin to partake in fasts from those things that pollute the mind. This allows the Spirit of the Lord to purify our minds from the continual stream of negativity and demonic rhetoric. We must allow God to saturate our minds in what is good, righteous, pure and holy. He desires to wash and renew our minds from every sinful thought, wrong belief, from all defilement and divisive agreement that separates us from his love and from one another. Compromise begins in the mind that is allowed to be subjected to the programming of the atmosphere of demonic chatter and worldly opinions.

It is time to spend time in the presence of God and in the atmosphere of the angelic. We must saturate our minds in God’s Word— in his truths, his ways, his sounds and his message. We are counseled in the Book of Philippians with these words,

“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.” Phil. 4:18

Meditating on these things will bring you into hope, joy, peace and the love that God has for you and for your brothers and sisters. If you spend your days thinking critical and syndical thoughts— they will poison your heart. Or, if you spend your days thinking continually of political or opposing opinions, you will most likely find yourself believing some new conspiracy theory or taking sides against another. We do not want to set up opposing “camps” in the body of Christ but rather to seek oneness with our whole hearts. Jesus is the source of that oneness.

Therefore— let’s not be unaware of the true battle— it is a war against oneness; because if we have oneness— then the world will know and believe. We must put on the full armor of God so that we can protect and posture our lives (minds and hearts) in what protects us from being used to divide his body.

At Jesus’ crucifixion, Roman soldiers divided the garments that had been placed upon him— the very garments placed upon him to mock him as he was brought before Pontius Pilate. May we never enter into dividing his church or be a part of mocking his bride. We have been clothed in Christ’s righteous as one body.

Let us repent and return to the Lord, asking that he would renew our minds, cleanse our hearts and make us ONE! We must be intentional about being purified and allowing our hearts to be cleansed so that his prayer for oneness can be fulfilled in this day and so that we can leave an eternal inheritance for our children.


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Crowned With Unending Joy

By Kathi Pelton

“…and the redeemed of the Lord will return and come to Zion with singing, crowned with unending joy. Joy and gladness will overtake them, and sorrow and sighing will flee.” Isaiah 35:10

Though this verse speaks of a time “yet to come”, I believe that we have access to the timeless promises of hope given to all God’s people. This verse is filled with strength and hope for you NOW, for God has crowned the redeemed with unending and eternal joy, even while living amid a world ruled by chaos and what could be perceived as hopelessness. For those in Christ have been given a reason to live in unending hope and joy.

As I read this verse, I heard the Lord say,

“Come and kneel down before me so that I can crown you with unending joy that will make your hearts glad once again.”

Many of you have experienced sorrows and deep grief that have left you weeping and caused your head to be bowed low. Yet, I sense that the Lord is inviting you to come now and receive “a crown of unending joy.”

This crown will cause your heart to sing and be filled with gladness. This joy will renew your mind as it comes like a wind that blows away the darkness. It will clear your sight, until light is what you see again. Angels are even now surrounding you as you accept the Father’s invitation to bow before His Son for this crowning of joy. They will blow upon you with the breath of heaven— causing sorrows and sighing to flee. This angelic “breath” is blowing away the fog and darkness that has distorted your perspective and brought sorrow to your soul. It is breathing life and joy back into you. It is like a heavenly CPR. Death is blown away and resurrection life is raising you up into a new and unending joy.

Take a moment today to bow before Jesus today as he crowns you with joy.

O LORD, you brought me up from the grave ; you spared me from going down into the pit. Sing to the LORD, you saints of his; praise his holy name. For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime; weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.” Psalm 30:3-5


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